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Valley and River, Northumberland, 1972.

Edward Burra (1905-76)
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BBC documentary (shown 2011 and 2014)

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In 1945 Burra was the subject of a monograph in the Penguin Modern Painters series with an introduction by John Rothenstein. Later he was fortunate in developing a particularly happy relationship with the Lefevre Gallery where he showed more or less biennially from 1952. The public and critical response to the exhibitions, though generally favourable, was modest and it was not until the retrospective exhibition at the Tate in 1973 that his work began to be widely appreciated.

Subject Matter:
High and Low
Danse Macabre
Landscape, especially England, particularly Rye
Stage Design

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Stevenson, J., 2008. Edward Burra: Twentieth-Century Eye. Pimlico, London.

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