Monday, 9 February 2015

House Beautiful

We looked at a number of cartoons by George DuMaurier available here.
Museum of Fine Arts Boston display:

We examined:
The Grammar of Ornament, 1856 Owen Jones (1809-1874)

North and South, 1867 edition illustrated by George du Maurier. 1st ed 1855

Eastlake’s Hints on Household Taste first edition 1868.
Articles originally in The Queen magazine, 1865.

Arthur Silver – the Silver Studio, 1880
Silver produced his own primer of good design using photographs of items from the South Kensington Museum collection. The Silver Series albums were sold to Silver Studio clients.

Mrs Haweis.
Art of Beauty (1876)
The Art of Dress (1879)

JW Cutler’s Grammar of Japanese Ornament and Design 1880

A Private View at the Royal Academy, 1881 William Powell Frith
Oscar Wilde in USA 1882-3, including the lecture House Beautiful.
Many details here: Wilde in USA

Walter Pater’s Studies in the History of the Renaissance 1873
Called by Wilde “the golden book of spirit and sense, the holy writ of beauty.”

E.W. Godwin, Dress, and its relation to Health and Climate, (London: William Clowes & Sons, Ltd., 1884),

"It would be a pity to waste many words on the prospect of such a school of art as this, which does in a way, theoretically at least, exist at present, and has for its watchword a piece of slang that does not mean the harmless thing it seems to me an—art for art’s sake. Its fore-doomed end must be, that art at last will seem too delicate a thing for even the hands of the initiated to touch; and the initiated must at last sit still and do nothing—to the grief of no one." 
Morris Art of the People 1879

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