Tuesday, 9 December 2014

"I’ll ha’e nae hauf-way hoose"

Bethel, 1967, John Bellany.

“I’ll ha’e nae hauf-way hoose, but aye be whaur
Extremes meet—it’s the only way I ken
To dodge the curst conceit o’ bein’ richt
That damns the vast majority o’ men.”
from `A Drunk Man Looks at the Thistle’ (1926) Hugh MacDiarmid (Christopher Murray Grieve 1892 - 1978).

MP3s available here http://bit.ly/1uflXa2

On YouTube here http://bit.ly/12mfhAq

We discussed the paintings of

John Bellany (1942–2013)

Alan Davie (1920-2014)

Bruce McLean (born 1944)

Peter Howson (born 1958)

Alexander Moffat (born 1943)

Macdonald, M., 2000. Scottish Art, 1st Edition edition. ed. Thames & Hudson, New York, N.Y.

Images here

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