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The Scottish Painters of Modern Life

George Henry, Galloway Landscape, 1889.

“There is scarcely a house of eminence in commerce or manufactures in the Kingdom which does not to some extent owe its success to Scottish prudence, perseverance and enterprise, there is not an industrial department in which there is not a large infusion of the Scottish element in management. Within a comparatively short period in the history of the nation, its population has more than trebled. It has led the way in agricultural improvements. Its real property has increased in even greater proportion.”1853 Glasgow Sentinel.

Pastorale by Jean-Baptiste-Camille Corot, Glasgow Museums 1873
Acquired by Forbes White, September 1874
“my standard of ideal, true landscape: true because it conveys accurately and fully a great amount facts   and appearance of Nature, yet ideal because it is the composition of a great artist, selecting and subordinating.”
“a marvel of spontaneous artistic freedom and individuality.”
Artists inspired by Corot: Murray, Macaulay Stevenson, Walton, Chalmers.

International Exhibition of Industry Science and Art, Edinburgh

Edgar Degas Le foyer de la danse à l'Opéra de la rue Le Peletier (Ballet studio at the Opera in rue Le Peletier), 1872
The first Impressionist painting to be exhibited in Scotland: Glasgow 1888. Loan by Huth a London collector. Critics failed to mention the painting. 

In 1891 Glasgow artists were shown at the Royal Scottish Academy in an Impressionists Room. A flurry of letters arrived at the Scotsman arguing over the use of the name.
When Galloway Landscape was shown in Berlin in 1893 it was said to resemble a mosaic: ‘the impression of nothing more nearly approaching nature than a geological map’.


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Edinburgh: The Scottish Colourists Series: JD Fergusson

Glasgow: Bellini to Boudin, 21st Mar 2014 - 21st Mar 2015 Five Centuries of the BurrellCollection

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