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Joseph Crawhall First (1793-1853)
Grouse Shooting made Quite Easy to Every Capacity, 1827, author purportedly the 83 year old Jeffrey Gorcock.
Joseph Crawhall II (1821-96)
Compleatest Angling Booke that euer was written, Being down out of ye Hebrewe and other tongues by a person of Honour (1859)
A Jubilee Thought (1887)
A Beuk of Newcassel Sangs (1888)
Impresses Quaint (1889)
Charles Samuel Keene (10 August 1823–4 January 1891)

Joseph Crawhall, the Glasgow Boy (1861-1913)
R.B. Cunninghame Graham
 “As he stood in the smoking room of the Hotel Continental in Tangier, dressed in a faded red hunting coat that had turned the colour of a mulberry through exposure to the weather and the fierce sun of Northern Africa, holding a velvet cap in one hand, and in the other his crop and a pair of weather stained rein-worn dog-skin gloves, few would have taken him for a great artist and a man of genius…. Although he spoke to no one, it was evident that he had seen not only every person in the room, but every object in it. For a considerable time he sat, turning over listlessly the pages of The Field, and drinking several stiff whiskies and sodas, that had no effect on him, except to seem to seal his lips more firmly, not that it seemed a voluntary act, but something borne within him, as were his lustrous eyes or his sleek head. His slightly bandy legs he had acquired through early riding, for he was seldom off  a horse, holding that Providence would have bestowed four legs on man had he intended him to go afoot.”
Essay “Creeps”, in Writ in Sand pub 1932

Hamilton V (1997) Joseph Crawhall 1861-1913 One of the Galsgow Boys, John Murray, Glasgow.Felver, C.S. Joseph Crawhall: The Newcastle Wood Engraver (1821-1896). (Newcastle upon Tyne: Frank Graham, 1972)
 Layard, G.S. The Life and Letters of Charles Samuel Keene. (London: Sampson Low, Marston & Co., 1892)

Newcastle University Collections Captured website, Crawhall images. Type Crawhall into Search box.
Burrell Collection Joseph Crawhall's Animals.

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