Thursday, 14 November 2013

The Frogs and the Mice. War, Society and Justice in Bewick’s Fables.

On Thomas Bewick
Introductory material, Further Reading, visits to collections (near and far) see

The Fables of Aesop with Designs on Wood By Thomas Bewick, Paddington Press, London 1975
Nigel Tattersfield, The Complete Illustrative Work of Thomas Bewick, London: British Library Publishing, 2011, Hardback, 3 vols, 384/864/256 pages, 276 x 189mm, 1200 b/w illustrations.  (see Vol 2 for bibliographical details of Bewick editions.)
Bewick, T., 1975. A Memoir of Thomas Bewick, London: Oxford University Press.
Jenny Uglow, Nature's Engraver A Life of Thomas Bewick, 2006 (hardback edition); 2007 (paperback edition).

Bewick Society (2003), Thomas Bewick in Newcastle: A guide to the places in and around the city associated with the artist. Illustrated with nine drawings by the Newcastle artist, Joan Holding, as well as a number of engravings by Bewick and his pupils.

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