Sunday, 11 October 2009

Art Beginnings: Apprentices, the Academy, Art School, and the Self-taught.

We will examine the history of artist beginnings. We start with the Eighteenth century art academy and follow developments to the art school of today. Artists include Reynolds, Blake, Ruskin, Matisse, Boccioni, Klee and Beuys.

Art in the pre-modern period was learnt as a special craft passed from master to apprentice. In the modern period art academies and art schools developed as part of the professionalization of the arts. Today art schools offer a baffling diversity of approaches and experiences. Despite the development of institutions in which art is studied and trained, ideas have long persisted which deny art’s capacity to be taught. Alongside these the genius or special gifts of the artist are often seen as all important. The self-taught or visionary artist continues to be highly valued within the contemporary art world despite the wide-spread teaching of art.

The topics which we will cover in this roughly chronological survey of art beginnings are:

1 The Academies and the myths of the artist. 13th October.

2 Romantic inspirations: rejection of the Academy and the pursuit of nature. 20th October.

3 Art skills for the working man: industry and the Government art scheme (South Kensington, John Ruskin) 27th October.

4 Paris and bohemian rebellion: the French ateliers and radical art (Manet, Monet, Matisse) 10th November.

5 Early 20th C modernists: rejection of the academic (Futurists, Expressionists, Dadaists); the visionary and self-taught (Rousseau, Dubuffet, Bacon) 17th November.

6 Bauhaus: new art principles for a new world 24th November.

7 Everyone is an artist Sixties sit-ins: radical ideas and the old art schools (Pasmore, Beuys) 1st December.

Begins Tuesday 13 Oct 18:30
E20091VI000108 Art Beginnings: Apprentices, the Academy, Art Schools
7 x 1.5 hour sessions
Ridley Building 2
Booking Required

part of Explore, North-East Centre for Lifelong Learning.

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